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Middlesex County, New Jersey is paving the way for the development, testing and implementation of autonomous technology.

In fact, breakthrough innovation is already underway.

Middlesex County has partnered with the Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT), the New Jersey Department of Transportation, and private companies to tackle some of the country’s most pressing infrastructure challenges, especially those that are endemic in high-volume multimodal corridors like the Northeast.

A verizon CASE autonomous vehicle driving in a test facility. Arial photograph of a highway underpass.

Hear why Verizon selected Middlesex County as the location for their 5G Connected, Autonomous, Shared Electric Vehicles to transport hospital patients.

A person hiking overlooking a lake. Medical professionals looking at a screen. The Bajwa family together infront of their house. Gardners working together on a community garden.

Discover the interconnected elements that create this thriving ecosystem and learn more about why

Middlesex County is the right fit for your autonomous technology company.

Triston George in an electrical engineering class at VoTech East Brunswick. The Gogan-Truchan family at the Highland Park Farmers market. Women working on a construction project. Music class at Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts.
One of the highest educated, highest skilled tech workforces in the U.S.
38 million consumers and $2.8 trillion GDP within 150 miles
Over $1 billion in VC investment in transportation technology over the past 3 years
Middlesex County is actively partnering with autonomous vehicle-related companies to build DataCity, an Autonomous & Smart Mobility Initiative
NJ is ranked #1 Most Connected State for broadband connectivity and infrastructure
Exit 8A creates a primary market for autonomous vehicle development and usage

Behind those numbers are real people and real companies that want to share why they chose Middlesex County.

A render of a self driving car AI technology.
Middlesex County has progressive leadership engaging with CAIT and essentially providing an innovation ecosystem that can attract businesses and companies that would be working in these emerging areas and technologies such as connected and autonomous vehicles
Dr. Ali Maher

Director of Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation

The living lab at Middlesex County (DataCity) offers us the opportunity to bring these technologies to life in the place where you have the dense urban atmosphere and can put the technologies to the test
Arleny Valle

Mechanical Engineer, Verizon

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Explore the elements that create the perfect ecosystem for autonomous technology to thrive

DataCity: Middlesex County’s Autonomous & Smart Mobility Initiative

Government Support

Rutgers Center For Advanced Infrastructure & Transportation


Verizon Autonomous Shuttle Program

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