Looking to get out of the house? You can get outdoors. During the Covid-19 epidemic, it is still safe to go outside, so long as you practice social distancing and avoid congregating in large groups. Explore some of the region’s most beautiful scenery: wooded hiking trails, freshwater fishing spots, birdwatching outposts, and scenic bike routes through lush forest reserves. The County is also home to a vast amount of outdoor art in the form of vibrant large-scale murals and unique and towering sculptures. Getting fresh air and exercising are both healthy ways to combat stress and improve your overall health. Spend time in nature to recharge and reset. Download our Outdoor Guide for the best outdoor spots in Middlesex County.

*While engaging in outdoor activities, we ask that you follow current health guidelines and maintain a 6-foot social distance from other people. Please only go outside alone or with people you live with and avoid congregating in groups. While our parks and trails are still open, some of our facilities are not. These include public restrooms, comfort stations, playgrounds, and similar facilities. Please plan accordingly.