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“Food innovation will save the world because in a few years there will be 10 billion people on this planet.

And we know that right now, the way we grow food and process food isn't sustainable long-term for that number of people. So, we have to be innovative — we have to think of new, better, more efficient ways of growing food for the people that are going to be here.”

A bold, but true, statement by Nolan Lewin, Acting Executive Director for the Rutgers Food Innovation Center – an establishment located in Middlesex County, that is known as the nation’s only certified “soft landing” food incubator.

Critical innovation can only happen with the right infrastructure and support in place. And it’s happening here in Middlesex County, New Jersey. From hundreds of millions of square feet of warehouse space to over 400,000 square feet of cold storage, 19,000 acres of farmland, access to world-renowned research dedicated to food sustainability at Rutgers University and a highly skilled, localized workforce – it’s no wonder the area is known as the food capital of America.

Laboratory worker works with a food product. Strawberries growing in a green house.

Hear how The Rutgers Food Innovation Center is disrupting the food industry by helping companies like Impossible Foods go to market.

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Discover the interconnected elements that create this thriving ecosystem and learn more about why

Middlesex County is the right fit for your food innovation company.

Triston George in an electrical engineering class at VoTech East Brunswick. The Gogan-Truchan family at the Highland Park Farmers market. Women working on a construction project. Music class at Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts.
Lower tax rates and operating costs against Northeast competitors
22 million consumers within a two-hour drive
1-day drive to over 40% of the nation’s population
104 food manufacturers in Middlesex County, employing over 2,250 people
5,000 acres of farmland preservation and 19,000 acres of farmland
159 million square feet of warehouse space
443,984 square feet of cold storage
Over 50,000 food manufacturers, R&D facilities, distribution centers, retailers, and farms, employing over 440,000 people in NJ

Behind those numbers are real people and real companies that want to share why they chose Middlesex County.

Strawberries growing in a green house.
Middlesex County has a very high concentration of food, flavoring and food ingredient companies; companies that are very in tune with creating new food products
Nolan Lewin, Acting Executive Director

Rutgers Food Innovation Center

Middlesex County provides a lot of resources in a lot of different ways from vo-tech schools, to the colleges, Rutgers University, training facilities… a wealth of resources for us and for potential clients to help them grow their businesses
Nolan Lewin, Acting Executive Director

Rutgers Food Innovation Center

Middlesex County has a great way of life. The diversity of the people, the restaurants, the sporting venues, the proximity to the shore and mountain areas, as well as New York City and Philadelphia... it makes this a very convenient place to do business and a great place to live
Nolan Lewin, Acting Executive Director

Rutgers Food Innovation Center

Food researcher poses for a photo in an industrial lab.

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