Middlesex County Division of Arts & History

Gaston "Bonga" Jean Baptiste
Gaston “Bonga” Jean Baptiste – a master Haitian drummer is one of the few drum experts and craftsmen outside of Haiti who continues to build traditional drums using techniques that are centuries old.

Utilizing substantial arts and history grants, the Middlesex County Division of Arts & History strives to preserve unique cultural practices with a variety of programs that speak to the myriad of cultures in the County.

It's a Wrap! Saris and Textiles of India
The “It’s a Wrap! Saris and Textiles of India” event on June 2, 2019 included an exhibition and fashion show featuring regional clothing along with a demonstration on how to drape a traditional Sari.

For instance, the Folklife Program invests public funding to support and share folk art and cultural practices that are unique to Middlesex County such as handicrafts, music, dance, religion, and even foodways!  

From workshops to classes to live performances, Middlesex County residents and visitors have an array of opportunities to experience first-hand how cultural arts can transform modern life through the preservation of history and culture.

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