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Nom Voyage: Live Local, Eat Global

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2020-2021 Nom Voyage contest. Congratulations to our winner, Joan Kernan, who gets to enjoy a VIP tour and culinary experience at East Jersey Old Town Village. Join our Facebook group to participate in the next contest and meet fellow foodies! And to see the list of restaurants that Nom Voyage participants have dined at to date – check out the Middlesex County Restaurant Guide.

Why a global food competition?

Middlesex County is home to plenty of restaurants that say “New Jersey”, like bagel shops, delis, and diners. They serve up NJ favorites that are tough to match — and tough to find — elsewhere in the U.S., like eggs on a roll, Taylor ham, and subs with some of the freshest ingredients around; but, as residents and visitors know, even those types of restaurants are global in their menus. They offer fine examples of food from around the world, and many have founders and employees who are immigrants. Our diners, delis, and bagel shops, then, which most would call iconic to New Jersey’s landscape, reflect America as it began and continues to be: a melting pot.

But what about restaurants that focus specifically on another country or area’s food? Here in Middlesex County, we celebrate our diversity, and it’s easy to see in our incredible variety of cuisines. So, how many countries could you really visit through food? Our estimate is well over 100, and the number is constantly growing. Middlesex County is also home to numerous regional fare and “fusion” restaurants, which combine elements from different cuisines to form a unique style.

Some less commonly found cuisines (but found in Middlesex County) include Palestinian, Peruvian, Venezuelan, Turkish, Malaysian, and Ethiopian. And regional cuisines? Mediterranean and Caribbean seem to be popular here. How about this amazing fact: Although only 1.5 miles long, Oak Tree Road — which runs through Edison and Woodbridge — is home to more than 400 South Asian businesses, including over 60 Indian and Pakistani restaurants alone, earning the well-deserved name “Little India”.

Join our Facebook group to stay tuned for the next contest, meet fellow foodies and jsut get inspired about all the great restaurants right here in your backyard!

Check out this video featuring the 2020 Nom Voyage winners.

Happy dining!