Are you ready to eat your way around the world? (without ever leaving Middlesex County)! You can find almost any type of cuisine you can possibly imagine, right here in the County! So, we’re launching a contest to see who can eat at the most “countries” between October 21, 2019 – January 31, 2020.

Here’s how the contest works:
Whoever eats at 5 different “countries” (i.e.: restaurants with different ethnic cuisines) gets a free, custom-designed, “Nom Voyage” t-shirt! – Whoever eats at the most “countries” wins the Grand Prize: an amazing, hands-on, four-course meal for you and your friends prepared by the Perth Amboy VoTech culinary students! Plus, a golf foursome at any Middlesex County Golf Course!

The rules are simple:
1. Join the “Nom Voyage Contest Facebook Group”
2. Go to any restaurant (that is not a national chain) in Middlesex County.
3. Take a pic of the dish you ordered. (Food must be ordered and photos taken within the dates of the contest).
4. Upload your pics in the Facebook Group with the following info:

  • Entry number (i.e.: if it’s your first post, put “restaurant #1”)
  • Name and location of the restaurant
  • Type of cuisine/ “country” it represents (note: you only get credit for the country one time)
  • Name of the dish you ate.

We will be keeping track of how many “countries” people dine at and when you get to 5 we will reach out to you to give you your free shirt. We will announce the Grand Prize winner by February 4th! Let’s get ready to eat our way around the world!


Before participating in this contest, please read and agree to the official disclaimer.