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Raritan Bay Waterfront Park

Saltmarsh Sparrow: Birders who walk the shoreline towards the spartina marsh may hear the raspy songs of this sparrow, especially during fall migration.

Plainsboro Preserve

Fox Sparrow: One bird that screams fall is the Fox Sparrow. It's beautiful reddish spots stand out amongst the thickets, trails, and bird feeders in this 1,000-acre preserve.

Bicentennial Park

Golden-crowned Kinglet: Bicentennial Park is a great location for birding, especially in the fall when you can spot Golden-crowned Kinglets. Their orange mohawks make them a staple fall bird to look for.

Elmer B. Boyd Park

Great Black-backed Gull: Visit this 20-acre park to check out some foliage, have a picnic, and look for groups of gulls gathered during low tide.

Farrington Lake

Ring-necked Duck: Fall is a great time to find Ring-necked Ducks. Visit Farrington Lake for plenty of different viewing areas along the lake, stretching through East and North Brunswick.

Rutgers Ecological Preserve & William Warren Park

Visit one of these locations to search for migrating birds in the fall - including thrushes, warblers, vireos, and orioles. Keep your eyes sharp, for some of these birds may blend in with the fall colors!

Julian L. Capik Nature Preserve

Red-breasted Nuthatch: Fall is the perfect time to spot this occasional cold-weather visitor. Scan the pine trees in this Sayreville park and listen for the 'toy horn' sounds to spot them!

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Trees and a lake in fall.