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For businesses and residents alike, Middlesex County means opportunity.

As a resident,
no matter your age or what you’re passionate about, you have the opportunity to access instructional programs that will land you a fulfilling lifelong career. Whether you want to own a business, work a trade, become a teacher or doctor, or begin a new chapter of your career, the education and training you’ll need to excel is available here in Middlesex County.

As an employer,
finding the right people to staff your business isn’t always easy. No matter what kind of skills you need, the right people are here in Middlesex County. Our local unions train hundreds of welders, pipe fitters, construction engineers, and builders each year, while our highly regarded institutions of higher education such as Middlesex College and, of course, Rutgers University turn out thousands of in-demand professionals, specialists, and experts in every field.

Opportunity becomes reality here in Middlesex County. Which opportunity interests you?

Opportunity Types