American Indian Center

A drawing of a Lenape settlement.
The Lenape culture is a very important part of Middlesex County history. They were the first known human inhabitants of Middlesex County and developed an extensive system of trails that eventually established wagon roads and even some of our current roads.
photo credit: lenapelifeways

Middlesex County and the surrounding areas have a vast Lenape Native American history. Helping to preserve that cultural connection to the contemporary community is not only a priority but a privilege.

The American Indian Center at the Lodge at Thompson Park provides a host of enriching events, exhibits, and programs that reaffirm the importance of Lenape heritage. At the Lodge, visitors gather to hear Native American groups recount traditional stories, display Lenape attire, and share their captivating history.

With support from Middlesex County, the Lodge has been emphasizing the essential importance of Native American history for over ten years by hosting a series of regular Folklife Program events, workshops, historical lectures, and storytelling that celebrate cultural traditions from generation to generation.

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