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coLAB Arts

Person drawing on a tablet.

coLAB Arts was built on collaboration: the collaboration of artists and social advocates who create transformative, new work that meets the needs of a community.

coLAB Arts’ vision is to create more livable, sustainable, and exciting environments through art. They believe that local artists should work to improve their own communities.

A group of people joining hands in a huddle.
Performers in elegant dresses dancing on boats.

Community Transformation

At its core, coLAB Arts believes that artists should be engaged within their own communities. The idea was born in 2007 from a group of Mason Gross Rutgers graduates and artists who wanted to make an impact right here in Middlesex County. coLAB Arts brings local artists to the Esperanza community through Mercadco Esperanza.

Artists standing infront of art pieces at an outside festival.
Children showing paintings they made at an art show.

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